Recursive BuildModel Test

BuildModel Results: 0/0 succeeded

Simulation Results: 0/0 succeeded

Total time taken: 0.2205

OpenModelica Version: v1.9.4-dev.beta2.130+g0cdcd6a

Test started: 2016-03-07 19:28:37

Tested Library: CFDModelica default

BuildModel time limit: 3000s

Simulation time limit: 3000s

Default tolerance: 1e-06

setCommandLineOptions("-d=execstat,nogen,initialization,backenddaeinfo,discreteinfo,stateselection"); setEnvironmentVar("MODELICAUSERCFLAGS", "-Os"); ulimitExe:="3000"; ulimitOmc:="3000"; sortFiles:=false;

Links are provided if getErrorString() or the simulation generates output. The links are coded with red if there were errors, yellow if there were warnings, and normal links if there are only notifications.

Green cells means success. Red is bad and in general signifies a failure.

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