JenkinsLint: Computer

The JenkinsLint Plugin has mainly two goals:

  • To make it easier to detect issues in your Jenkins configuration that will cause Jenkins to blow up when you attempt to run those jobs.
  • To encourage discussion within the Jenkins community on the more subjective stuff. Having a set of checks to base discussion on helps drive out what we as a community think is good style.

  • StatusDefectDescription
    SlaveDescriptionCheckerJenkins slave description might help you to know what it does and further details.
    SlaveVersionCheckerJenkins slave version should match the same version of the Remoting library than the one on the Master.
    SlaveLabelCheckerWhen setting Jenkins Slaves you should set their labels in order to tie those Jobs.
    WindowsSlaveLaunchCheckerThis launch method relies on DCOM and is often associated with subtle problems. Consider using Launch slave agents using Java Web Start instead,
    which also permitsinstallation as a Windows service but is generally considered more reliable.