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  1. Bump libraries (details)
Commit 877db1c9d014cc01f6e211f7697c80963ac322cc by hudson
Bump libraries

- branch master updated to 09a969979243d27a149ada43f4535faf0d61ada9.
  * [ 09a9699] Merge pull request #2064 from lbl-srg/Helarga-equationFit_example_Modifications
  * [ d5a02d6] Corrected stop time
  * [ c8a5da5] Merge branch 'equationFit_example_Modifications' of into Helarga-equationFit_example_Modifications
  * [ 2c5b9c4] backspaced a comment.
  * [ 955dc92] added units to energyPlus calculated variables.
  * [ 9661a9f] relocated the pressure source component to the pump suction side.
  * [ d0fcc8b] corrected the uMod parameters to highlight the depression in the thermal loads and associated COP.
  * [ 2606924] Merge branch 'master' of into issue1379_reversibleHeatPumpExample
  * [ b2126b9] modifications
The file was modifiedMakefile.libs
The file was modifiedrepos.json

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