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Building remotely on
Checkout:OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES / /var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES -
Using strategy: Default
Git Exe: git
Last Built Revision: Revision 5c1101c2263e42e6cf387ed4f05e57a8e1028f43 (origin/master)
Checkout:OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES / /var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES - hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@2ccab6c7
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
Fetching upstream changes from
Commencing build of Revision 5c1101c2263e42e6cf387ed4f05e57a8e1028f43 (origin/master)
Checking out Revision 5c1101c2263e42e6cf387ed4f05e57a8e1028f43 (origin/master)
[OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES] $ /bin/bash -ex /tmp/
+ git config --global hudson
+ git config --global
+ git config --global push.default simple
+ SAVE_PATH=/var/lib/hudson/slave/userContent/UPDATE_LIBRARIES/
+ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
+ git reset --hard origin/master
HEAD is now at 5c1101c Bump libraries
+ git pull
Already up-to-date.
+ git clean -fdxq -e /git -e /svn
+ mkdir -p .remote
+ echo /home/build/debian-control-files
+ echo /home/build/debian-apt/pool/libraries
+ echo /home/build/rpm/omlib/
+ echo sudo -u build rsync -a --delete macports /home/build/
+ chmod +x .remote/macports
+ echo cd /home/build '&&' sudo -nu build /home/build/apt-build/
+ make check-latest
which rm > /dev/null
which svn > /dev/null
which git > /dev/null
omc +version > /dev/null
which xargs > /dev/null
#which xsltproc > /dev/null
which xpath > /dev/null
touch config.done
*** Setting number of jobs to 5. 1 makes things too slow and 5 threads. Set Makefile.numjobs if you want to change it ***
Looking for more recent versions of packages
rm -rf build .customBuild
mkdir -p build
./ -n `cat Makefile.numjobs` --check-latest
HEAD is now at b91cbd7 Merge pull request #1859 from lbl-srg/issue1853_limPartype
HEAD is now at 1ac463c Merge pull request #1036 from ibpsa/issue996_release
HEAD is now at 3cdd267... Merge pull request #1333 from ibpsa/issue1332_csv
HEAD is now at 3cdd267 Merge pull request #1333 from ibpsa/issue1332_csv

Copy library [IBPSA] version [latest] from /var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES
Copy: cp -a git/Annex60/IBPSA build//IBPSA latest
HEAD is now at a7d5611... Merge pull request #1730 from lbl-srg/issue1589_optimalStartUp
HEAD is now at a7d5611 Merge pull request #1730 from lbl-srg/issue1589_optimalStartUp

Copy library [Buildings] version [latest] from /var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES
Copy: cp -a git/Buildings/Buildings build//Buildings latest
"Modelica 3.2.3
bash: No such file or directory
build//IBPSA latest/ turned to IBPSA latest
 * branch            HEAD       -> FETCH_HEAD
"Modelica 3.2.3
bash: No such file or directory
build//Buildings latest/ turned to Buildings latest
 * branch            HEAD       -> FETCH_HEAD
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" GIT "" 3cdd267372e499ccb11023119a125252bd33ae14 "git/Annex60" "IBPSA latest" branch master updated to 0a482d42cb15d3b40a0994a5babb2042caeb244c.
  * [ 0a482d4] Merge pull request #1320 from ibpsa/issue1206_media_steam
  * [ c98270e] Merge branch 'master' into issue1206_media_steam
  * [ 0eec29f] Changed from to
  * [ d1cd635] Merge branch 'master' into issue1206_media_steam
  * [ 962b71a] Merge pull request #1335 from ibpsa/issue1334_valveAssert
  * [ 9d56591] Merge branch 'master' into issue1334_valveAssert
  * [ cbed378] modified assert in IBPSA/Fluid/Actuators/BaseClasses/ for #1334
  * [ 712aa61] Removed html from short comment
  * [ 392f1cb] Improved error message.
  * [ 7124890] Merge branch 'master' into issue1206_media_steam
  * [ b745d7d] Merge branch 'master' into issue1206_media_steam
  * [ 1e4901a] Merge pull request #1321 from khinkelman/issue1206_media_steam
  * [ 3ac825b] Merge branch 'issue1206_media_steam' into issue1206_media_steam
  * [ ee72ec3] Changed assertion check
  * [ 3289210] Changed equality to assignment branch master updated to b91cbd7edcee9babae5c77a98b39b6500231a3a6.
  * [ b91cbd7] Merge pull request #1859 from lbl-srg/issue1853_limPartype
  * [ dad55ed] Merge pull request #1868 from lbl-srg/issue1865_batteryConversion
  * [ b298e5a] Merge pull request #1871 from lbl-srg/IBPSASync
  * [ cb24013] Corrected html
  * [ 25f3e25] corrected parameter declaration to avoid OCT translation error, #1853
  * [ 00d6de7] Merged IBPSA
  * [ a4cf98b] Corrected power drawn from electrical connector
  * [ a42f9b4] updated single zone G36 reference result, #1853
  * [ 3985ef7] updated G36 reference results, #1853
  * [ 0e3cdf8] avoided using evaluate=true, #1853
  * [ 9b1a8b2] Merge branch 'master' into issue1853_limPartype
  * [ c76c1da] added Evaluate=true attribute to avoid translation error in OCT, #1853
  * [ 904a360] dummy commit to run CI test, #1853
  * [ 2e887b3] cleaned parameter declarations in package TerminalUnits, #1853 [ci skip]
  * [ 21358a1] cleaned parameter declarations in package Generic, #1853 [ci skip]

Repository not in database:
Repository not in database:
Repository not in database:
rm -rf .customBuild
+ rm -rf /var/lib/hudson/slave/userContent/UPDATE_LIBRARIES/
+ mkdir -p /var/lib/hudson/slave/userContent/UPDATE_LIBRARIES/
+ test -d git
+ cp -al git /var/lib/hudson/slave/userContent/UPDATE_LIBRARIES/
+ test -d svn
+ cp -al svn /var/lib/hudson/slave/userContent/UPDATE_LIBRARIES/
+ git add repos.json 'Complex trunk.patch' 'Modelica 1.6.patch' 'Modelica 2.2.2.patch' 'Modelica 3.1.patch' 'Modelica 3.2.1.patch' 'Modelica 3.2.2.manual.patch' 'Modelica 3.2.2.patch' 'Modelica 3.2.3.manual.patch' 'Modelica 3.2.3.patch' 'ModelicaServices 1.0.patch' 'ModelicaServices 3.2.1.patch' 'ModelicaServices 3.2.2.manual.patch' 'ModelicaServices 3.2.2.patch' 'ModelicaServices 3.2.3.manual.patch' 'ModelicaServices 3.2.3.patch' 'ModelicaServices trunk.manual.patch' 'ModelicaServices trunk.patch' 'ModelicaTest trunk.patch' 'Modelica trunk.patch'
+ git diff --staged --exit-code
diff --git a/repos.json b/repos.json
index a81570d..51877ae 100644
--- a/repos.json
+++ b/repos.json
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
             "gitbranch": "master",
             "license": "buildings"
-          "rev": "3cdd267372e499ccb11023119a125252bd33ae14",
+          "rev": "0a482d42cb15d3b40a0994a5babb2042caeb244c",
           "targets": [
             "IBPSA latest"
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@
             "gitbranch": "master",
             "license": "buildings"
-          "rev": "a7d5611a688af046ccb452c329fc5e8c7c78ac65",
+          "rev": "b91cbd7edcee9babae5c77a98b39b6500231a3a6",
           "targets": [
             "Buildings latest"
+ make python-update
rm -rf build/ build
rm -f *.uses
# Tags are fetched by check-update
make all-work
make[1]: Entering directory '/var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES'
mkdir -p build/ svn
./ -n `cat Makefile.numjobs` --build-dir build/ --omc omc
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 9bdfd968c5b85609956aa9929be8a6b8027b22cf "git/ADGenKinetics" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 19bf295f57beefe39107f1d520d9526e27f8a802 "git/ADMSL" "self"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 3d5ee54b4086e5c29e7276a7b92d40a3237aed8c "git/AdvancedNoise" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 9d9c8d54faaf20ee298cf298c63464d0fe026dc2 "git/AixLib" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --gittag "v0.4.0" GIT "" v0.4.0 "git/AixLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" b937e1a7f447138c59abec9b2092f84f16bf02e8 "git/AlgebraTestSuite" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" GIT "" 0a482d42cb15d3b40a0994a5babb2042caeb244c "git/Annex60" "IBPSA latest" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.0.0" GIT "" v1.0.0 "git/Annex60" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v3.0.0" GIT "" v3.0.0 "git/Annex60" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 9467974548607549a19db05ea66050286f370032 "git/ApproxSpline" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "mpl2" GIT "" b5f3cb999f3cfad2bbb6fb429b496f61ecf2f628 "git/BioChem" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "lgpl3+" GIT "" 20c23e60d12989bd4668ccac47659d82d39d29cc "git/BondGraph" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --encoding "Windows-1252" GIT "" df7a40fe612617da22e27d39edfa4b27d65f23d0 "git/BondLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 954ae654fe7a84177e6220465ed8af5d39628823 "git/BrineProp" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" b28fae1a1dda7377469f07ca7dce0d602ea69ad6 "git/BuildSysPro" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" fffe3d891d2785fa676b94324d3f939c833fae5e "git/BuildingControlLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 13aa5f2e6fc09dc4a92cea4f2155ecc07a6efac1 "git/BuildingSystems" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" GIT "" b91cbd7edcee9babae5c77a98b39b6500231a3a6 "git/Buildings" "Buildings latest" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.4_build1" GIT "" v1.4_build1 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.5+build.3" GIT "" v1.5+build.3 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.6+build.1" GIT "" v1.6+build.1 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v2.0.0" GIT "" v2.0.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v2.1.0" GIT "" v2.1.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v3.0.0" GIT "" v3.0.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v4.0.0" GIT "" v4.0.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v5.0.1" GIT "" v5.0.1 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v5.1.0" GIT "" v5.1.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v6.0.0" GIT "" v6.0.0 "git/Buildings" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" de6d5b7e2aa77ac1fe9a6375adfaa452701c3370 "git/Chemical" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 0b78942ee4fa95ae71347a0d552dd869fdf4c708 "git/ComplexLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" f635b8b4144eb46ff6711b1566c34405df58cda1 "git/ConPNlib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" GIT "" 7a473d8d16b118c3ea05761c6f43b17fd9838e4e "git/DESLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" ef1faa77179742cc7d2b7694aa49d85380481585 "git/DeployStructLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 40986891079003a1f9bbc88e4ecd491737f46dfe "git/DisHeatLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" b7233fd97a92867bb4ec2c3647c7f7e888398644 "git/DriveControl" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" fa890c8c2781f0c0b2f8efe955ed8a27875dd9ac "git/EMOTH" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 72ba3d49aae809280208a991c88134541b8c14f9 "git/ElectricalEnergyStorage" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" 6adf07109289eeb5994ce7cfa6966cf6aab49670 "git/ElectroMechanicalDrives" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" GIT "" 2f4eac0651c1ab0ed56b75ec61424e0ef15181d3 "git/ExtendedPetriNets" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" cffbb4d59913bb08e7b47fab35cf4305f7424b7a "git/ExternData" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 159518edd538b64e28cd70983a9cc47730323cc4 "git/ExternalMedia" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 6488d5815bda23c665123baa916789e283e16d2c "git/ExternalMemoryLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --remove-files "Resources/Source/Python/doc" GIT "" cb4b17f34313b9d8f2d4223d5365684b4dc1ab65 "git/FCSys" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" a67a276083f4010b249802ad8fc70dc30c09adfd "git/FMITest" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 2308191f123c6650c968ad767107330b06802fe0 "git/FailureModes" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 1f5cfebc2f42c13e272bff639ffa3449d5740bf7 "git/FastBuildings" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 251892e06eb33189dc11dd254ea067041fc8150b "git/FaultTriggering" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" b25dd3ef582872ac6ed5f5e15cbac9e9a6df194a "git/FeedDriveLibrary" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 99918820e346c362c3ad52d782c8215e5deeac4c "git/FractionalOrder" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --std "2.x" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 19ff67ff129a440482cc85f216f287b05ea6ec0d "git/FuzzyControl" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 89ae0e8097eb0751abce2013d304fa5f9c09b885 "git/Greenhouses-Library" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" 2713613502a20766404998fb8135e151dbf575fa "git/HanserModelica" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" aec4c4c1dd9ee0020f12d1006ded755f2dd1d0ec "git/HelmholtzMedia" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "maintenance" GIT "" 2a526577a083fc189e0566102943a5173a675b41 "git/IdealizedContact" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --patchlevel "om1" GIT "" d2d882d78be9af6c9b95a349879d4380dd820593 "git/IndustrialControlSystems" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/"  SVN "" 7978 "svn/InstantaneousSymmetricalComponents" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" 74eeea2df4c54ace14f6eeb13106cdb290f0c5b0 "git/KeyWordIO" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "gpl3" GIT "" fca9de50a484a2213f3ca1b39e275c237c471688 "git/LibRAS" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" c16ad1c1970ea581c51158cca0647e165dc4c3b9 "git/LinearMPC" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" ab15d4cae19b5e4a1148d1d4b2a05c50864599ba "git/ManualTracking" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" df3afce27d5e935c4111f392275744a655abe216 "git/ModPowerSystems" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --patchlevel "Modelica:-om1" --intertrac "m:" --std "1.x" --license "modelica1.1" --gittag "v1.6" GIT "" v1.6 "git/Modelica" "self" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "maint/2.2.2" --breaks "omlibrary-msl222" --patchlevel "Modelica:-om1" --license "modelica1.1" --intertrac "m:" GIT "" d442bcd461b8db9873e33b6141bdbd37bcff9de8 "git/Modelica" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "maint/3.1" --breaks "omlibrary-msl31" --patchlevel "Modelica:-om1,ModelicaServices:-om1" --no-dependencies "ModelicaServices" --intertrac "m:" GIT "" af2a3e1597d648d6826665c89cf9eaf5c2a632bc "git/Modelica" "Modelica" "ModelicaServices" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --breaks "omlibrary-msl32,omlibrary-reference" --remove-files "Resources/Library" --intertrac "m:" --no-dependencies "ModelicaServices" --gitbranch "maint/3.2.1" --patchlevel "Complex:-om1,Modelica:-om1,ModelicaServices:-om1" GIT "" 60cb4e48077fa22cc97d02e767baa83ec78aadf9 "git/Modelica" "Complex" "Modelica" "ModelicaServices" "ModelicaTest" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --patch-files "['Modelica 3.2.2.patch', 'ModelicaServices 3.2.2.patch']" --generate-patch-mos "MSL.3.2.2.mos" --intertrac "m:" --remove-files "Resources/Library" --no-dependencies "ModelicaServices" --gitbranch "maint/3.2.2" --patchlevel "Complex:-om1,Modelica:-om3,ModelicaServices:-om2" GIT "" d992c34ed978241214b4c079fb8ee6cc9e33d909 "git/Modelica" "Complex" "Modelica" "ModelicaServices" "ModelicaTest" "ModelicaTestOverdetermined" "ObsoleteModelica3" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --license "bsd3" --patch-files "['Modelica 3.2.3.patch', 'ModelicaServices 3.2.3.patch']" --generate-patch-mos "MSL.3.2.3.mos" --intertrac "m:" --remove-files "Resources/Library" --patchlevel "Modelica:-om2,ModelicaServices:-om2" --gitbranch "maint/3.2.3" --no-dependencies "ModelicaServices" GIT "" 7ac06a5137182ace80712ae42ba803f87572f170 "git/Modelica" "Complex" "Modelica" "ModelicaReference none" "ModelicaServices" "ModelicaTest" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --license "bsd3" --patch-files "['Complex trunk.patch', 'Modelica trunk.patch', 'ModelicaServices trunk.patch', 'ModelicaTest trunk.patch']" --breaks "omlibrary-msl32,omlibrary-reference" --generate-patch-mos "MSL.trunk.mos" --intertrac "m:" --remove-files "Resources/Library" --patchlevel "Complex:-om1,Modelica:-om1,ModelicaServices:-om1" --gitbranch "master" --no-dependencies "ModelicaServices" GIT "" 882f93291cd9c06d1e52e876b85e46c86c3c4c31 "git/Modelica" "Complex trunk" "Modelica trunk" "ModelicaReference trunk" "ModelicaServices trunk" "ModelicaTest trunk"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" cf51058d8bbe3b9edc78cf7c12a5c4981296ee69 "git/Modelica-Arduino" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 9235ab28bdd7f0fe3e7abba48af53d73332858ec "git/Modelica-GNU_ScientificLibrary" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 57c7aa394d70bffe6106afb2703b92bc532a05d1 "git/Modelica-MVEM" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 56eb724769bf9296c89fc91ea9274c6b477d76fa "git/ModelicaADS" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --std "1.x" --gitbranch "release" GIT "" 568db43766186826b880f9d4bfafeff25cc2c4ab "git/ModelicaAdditions" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 52ff3032cb97e9fc0b56e743813cacb89ff54eab "git/ModelicaBook" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 8a91e75d8a26acc4de30fc0e5d5e9db83c970bd6 "git/ModelicaCompliance" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" a987aa9552fbbe71b2ee2e8c28958f9d213087ae "git/ModelicaDEVS" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 37a441934d05330cf3d13e9ec551954d27eca84c "git/ModelicaDFR" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 49f5407835c4502d0653b34b3230b1f5be41b53f "git/ModelicaTutorials" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 3b0f5fafa15f28aee1a5a41e3315e2212d2b99b4 "git/Modelica_DeviceDrivers" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 865dac345eff6c52c596068fa39d8d4de1bf0b2e "git/Modelica_LinearSystems2" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" a427b5cb7997e9036c577d219e6b8a5d0c28389a "git/Modelica_Requirements" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/"  SVN "" 9594 "svn/Modelica_StateGraph2" "self"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 3067ff22e997e54c2c7307d42f1876e31e354f01 "git/Modelica_Synchronous" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 2be2667f9936d88ffb9b8a8246c5af9ccb0b307f "git/MotorcycleDynamics" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 0bda0c58af6384f8e0edf7aa7520afb369af3e38 "git/MultiPhaseMixtureMedia" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" GIT "" ed3d72f176ac6b7031ce73be9d80101141e74a69 "git/NCLib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --encoding "Windows-1252" GIT "" c44e4d1fe97fd4f86dafcd05ad3713692e3f1806 "git/NeuralNetwork" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 891468c5c25c39f49c785bbdb853a386a4d0e889 "git/Noise" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 14a178c837390a0411613f85b11372503ee067ea "git/ObjectStab" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 3485cf4ae0449f1a76af737b7705879f8f08c14f "git/OpenHydraulics" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gittag "v1.5.0" GIT "" v1.5.0 "git/OpenIPSL" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" e33c69edaad6dad8029167b0ca00533964a6fe37 "git/Optimisers" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" a4c5354523423ab90405ebecd61ff39ebcfbf882 "git/PNlib" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 64bf03868c1db739c86552570ffaa64ac88834b0 "git/PVSystems" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" d537eb1c72b7c4175d8d61881a7a3d4410ba7184 "git/PhotoVoltaics" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 49f2c3c723f91e78998f358c13bf8a558802c11c "git/Physiolibrary" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 24b8cf389fa777667d0b1ad11999188d826ebf86 "git/Physiomodel" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 0ac7593745d8647add36387d94bdb70e0c9755b1 "git/PlanarMechanics" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/"  SVN "" 3174 "svn/PowerFlow" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 9745a59e2eb51121bafb80e130a30be094efd40f "git/PowerGrids" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" GIT "" df65a5460f811f7053b69f2abd864482d461d379 "git/PowerSystems" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 7369976265a9d7b62097340aba5e463c62cc5061 "git/PowerSystems-latest" "PowerSystems latest"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "gpl3" GIT "" 7446be67ec1c931b1d43fb51721b23b495916c1f "git/PraxisSimulationstechnik" "PraxisSimulationstechnik"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --std "2.x" --gitbranch "release" --license "modelica1.1" --encoding "Windows-1252" GIT "" d84a2c107132f2cd47ea3c3751238d69e4b1f64b "git/QSSFluidFlow" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --encoding "Windows-1252" GIT "" 5aaf3c3971850ff7ecdb1392b8ef020b605235e8 "git/RealTimeCoordinationLibrary" "self"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" e90514747ce9ae6ba09c2f64908f192105d4ad3a "git/SMEHV" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 6890d260ad3d6a84f7fdad387e2cb7a9326eb0e0 "git/ScalableTestSuite" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 3bf82ba5d3f31b4a0ae05f99ae690037358e153e "git/Servomechanisms" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "omctest" GIT "" 73a3bfc6d2ddd72165bb0f3e7e9df48b643a5ed0 "git/SiemensPower" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "2.1/beta" GIT "" 5ef2e38b64ff481801c0db19d52f0bef21f85f77 "git/SiemensPower" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 88e758037da4a8ca1b21b468409b15417a27d992 "git/SiemensPower" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" ff834c3c8a4605e219992ab4f754870b06f6df48 "git/SolarTherm" "SolarTherm"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 9f7224bd89335f95dffe1ccdaa094df5a3279fdf "git/Soltermica" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" b5c084ca0cbb13ba137ac2c449240410cecfaaf1 "git/Spot" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "modelica1.1" GIT "" 2f6bd9382c5aac2aff9148cd9113a418767734b6 "git/SystemDynamics" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 770322afcc72ad745768ae371bc9e9dad1a79edc "git/ThermalSeparation" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 0b6d9c0eb4864c3fa701cc6ea74e505207670d26 "git/ThermoPower" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "maint/3.1" GIT "" db81ae1b5a6a85f6c6c7693244cafa6087e18ff5 "git/ThermoSysPro" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 5cef9acb4dedf8af6f4638a4448f08a544ebd30b "git/ThermoSysPro" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" eae4981674642eddffc7f2aa3690320fcaddee0e "git/VVDRlib" "self"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" GIT "" ad956a35643d53e207ee126d67ea1f3f38337a39 "git/VehicleInterfaces" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --gittag "v1.2.4" GIT "" v1.2.4 "git/VehicleInterfaces" "VehicleInterfaces 1.2.4"
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 0c5eecaadf82cd9e3a6a4ffa6241903e38fd1946 "git/WasteWater" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 0efd31402f62014dc8f4774e043b45428f390156 "git/Wavelet" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "release" --license "bsd3" GIT "" 98267524329041e215106ca6ee75b863f4c6f6d9 "git/WindPowerPlants" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 4410a3224e1803565d57ff323c3bef5a4bfd6b4d "git/XogenyTest" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" e0e3ea079a0398a3b0b094baaa3736350faa525b "git/ipsl" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" f3ae1c3ebe1b33921654a0e0d59d6e65f0bcfe84 "git/modelica-flight" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 49636e0f59ea14684384b90a12e065774de8b97b "git/msgpack-modelica" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "lgpl2.1+" GIT "" 706ffafcc5a33f52217b4198f74242072e198803 "git/netCDF-DataReader" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 58a83b5b36f267613de4676c95163489b1ddc2e7 "git/open-bldc-modelica" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" 382562b4b3a499472017977e52e62b6ac2f88baa "git/openfdm" all
sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" GIT "" d31575eef403553bdd5dc0974c102366d0afae2c "git/pow_el" all
*** Failed sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" GIT "" b91cbd7edcee9babae5c77a98b39b6500231a3a6 "git/Buildings" "Buildings latest" && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.4_build1" GIT "" v1.4_build1 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.5+build.3" GIT "" v1.5+build.3 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v1.6+build.1" GIT "" v1.6+build.1 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v2.0.0" GIT "" v2.0.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v2.1.0" GIT "" v2.1.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v3.0.0" GIT "" v3.0.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v4.0.0" GIT "" v4.0.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v5.0.1" GIT "" v5.0.1 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v5.1.0" GIT "" v5.1.0 "git/Buildings" all && sh ./ --omc "omc" --build-dir "build/" --gitbranch "master" --license "buildings" --gittag "v6.0.0" GIT "" v6.0.0 "git/Buildings" all: Checking out files:  44% (3955/8922)   
Checking out files:  45% (4015/8922)   
Checking out files:  46% (4105/8922)   
Checking out files:  47% (4194/8922)   
Checking out files:  48% (4283/8922)   
Checking out files:  49% (4372/8922)   
Checking out files:  49% (4398/8922)   
Checking out files:  50% (4461/8922)   
Checking out files:  51% (4551/8922)   
Checking out files:  52% (4640/8922)   
Checking out files:  53% (4729/8922)   
Checking out files:  54% (4818/8922)   
Checking out files:  55% (4908/8922)   
Checking out files:  56% (4997/8922)   
Checking out files:  57% (5086/8922)   
Checking out files:  58% (5175/8922)   
Checking out files:  59% (5264/8922)   
Checking out files:  60% (5354/8922)   
Checking out files:  61% (5443/8922)   
Checking out files:  62% (5532/8922)   
Checking out files:  63% (5621/8922)   
Checking out files:  64% (5711/8922)   
Checking out files:  65% (5800/8922)   
Checking out files:  66% (5889/8922)   
Checking out files:  67% (5978/8922)   
Checking out files:  68% (6067/8922)   
Checking out files:  69% (6157/8922)   
Checking out files:  70% (6246/8922)   
Checking out files:  71% (6335/8922)   
Checking out files:  72% (6424/8922)   
Checking out files:  73% (6514/8922)   
Checking out files:  74% (6603/8922)   
Checking out files:  75% (6692/8922)   
Checking out files:  76% (6781/8922)   
Checking out files:  77% (6870/8922)   
Checking out files:  78% (6960/8922)   
Checking out files:  79% (7049/8922)   
Checking out files:  80% (7138/8922)   
Checking out files:  81% (7227/8922)   
Checking out files:  82% (7317/8922)   
Checking out files:  83% (7406/8922)   
Checking out files:  84% (7495/8922)   
Checking out files:  85% (7584/8922)   
Checking out files:  86% (7673/8922)   
Checking out files:  87% (7763/8922)   
Checking out files:  88% (7852/8922)   
Checking out files:  89% (7941/8922)   
Checking out files:  90% (8030/8922)   
Checking out files:  91% (8120/8922)   
Checking out files:  92% (8209/8922)   
Checking out files:  92% (8288/8922)   
Checking out files:  93% (8298/8922)   
Checking out files:  94% (8387/8922)   
Checking out files:  95% (8476/8922)   
Checking out files:  96% (8566/8922)   
Checking out files:  97% (8655/8922)   
Checking out files:  98% (8744/8922)   
Checking out files:  99% (8833/8922)   
Checking out files: 100% (8922/8922)   
Checking out files: 100% (8922/8922), done.
HEAD is now at a7d5611 Merge pull request #1730 from lbl-srg/issue1589_optimalStartUp
HEAD is now at b91cbd7... Merge pull request #1859 from lbl-srg/issue1853_limPartype
HEAD is now at b91cbd7 Merge pull request #1859 from lbl-srg/issue1853_limPartype

Copy library [Buildings] version [latest] from /var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES
Copy: cp -a git/Buildings/Buildings build//Buildings latest
"[/var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES/build/Buildings latest/Types/Azimuth/] Error: Elements in the need to be in the same relative order as the package.order file. Got element named NW but it was already added because it was not the next element in the list at that time.
Error: Failed to load package Buildings (latest) using MODELICAPATH /var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES/build.
Error processing file: get-version.30327.mos
# Error encountered! Exiting...
# Please check the error message and the flags.

Execution failed!
mv: cannot stat 'build//Buildings.uses': No such file or directory
build//Buildings latest/ turned to Buildings latest
Failed to load build//Buildings latest/

Makefile:35: recipe for target 'all-work' failed
make[1]: *** [all-work] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/var/lib/hudson/slave/workspace/OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES'
Makefile:28: recipe for target 'python-update' failed
make: *** [python-update] Error 2
+ exit 1
Sending e-mails to:
[DEBUG] Skipping watched dependency update for build: OpenModelica_UPDATE_LIBRARIES #2705 due to result: FAILURE
Finished: FAILURE

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