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  1. Bump libraries (details)
Commit f916fa9ea557aec968cc2820b6c435bf9ba6db5f by hudson
Bump libraries

- branch master updated to 6144d6d2a21112d491bc949f2854f02b8bb301a4.
  * [ 6144d6d] Bug in model BuildingSystems.Buildings.Airvolumes.AirvolumeCompressible0D fixed
  * [ 266e7d5] quantity of Pressure connectors updated
  * [ c66194b] Merge pull request #162 from UdK-VPT/issue161_airvolume
  * [ 6487e88] model BuildingSystems.Buildings.Zones.ZoneTemplateAirvolumeMixed improved
  * [ 6451781] model BuildingSystems.Buildings.Zones.ZoneTemplateAirvolumeMixed to IBPSA library adapted
The file was modifiedMakefile.libs
The file was modifiedrepos.json

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