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  1. Bump libraries (details)
Commit f374013e78bbe914281ce16815c06103b595b22c by hudson
Bump libraries

- branch OM/trunk updated to 2cd2b70b9306c017e77602bc28e355d761ae3958.

- branch master updated to ed0021ce46b1ee6cab37bd9babdbe33154985fed.
  * [ ed0021c] Fix current release number and link; add release candidate

- branch master updated to 1506665d8c889b7998d026ed4b7b36c5624b302c.
  * [ 1506665] rm interediate files after test and refine the value
  * [ ca7b2d0] rm intermediate files after tests
The file was modifiedMakefile.libs
The file was modifiedrepos.json

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