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  1. Bump libraries (details)
Commit 7ffdc0f110c32f9432688c5ba3dcd0f086371626 by hudson
Bump libraries

- branch master updated to 1897ca82d47bb48d33af5d8ac96efb1c4d73050d.
  * [ 1897ca8] Merge pull request #2782 from modelica/issue2770
  * [ 0b89fae] Corrected regularization for b>0.
  * [ 1aa35da] Corrected typo b*dp to dp/b
  * [ 78c7397] Fixed issue #2770 for linear case.
The file was modifiedModelicaServices trunk.patch
The file was modifiedComplex trunk.patch
The file was modifiedMakefile.libs
The file was modifiedModelica trunk.patch
The file was modifiedrepos.json
The file was modifiedModelicaTest trunk.patch

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