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  1. Bump libraries (details)
Commit 348b21d529b0519490d374d1627cba63d3bb2fd2 by hudson
Bump libraries

- branch master updated to dfbc0ff5a28d46e56c79b2eeaccc2e83860301d6.
  * [ dfbc0ff] sun angles to radiation port added

- branch master updated to 6dad04304eeece17b55e49504fdcb0a303df382e.
  * [ 6dad043] Better icon for MultiBody.Joints (#3106)
  * [ 793020e] Merge pull request #3044 from AHaumer/MachinesBraking
  * [ a81f2a9] Fix HTML tag
  * [ 0bc182f] Fix typo
  * [ f0351fa] refs #2152: Prefer Text.textColor attribute
  * [ 01692dd] removed solver annotation
  * [ 2fc357b] new Electrical.Machines.Examples

- branch master updated to 98d75d5d2b913371c416b076b22c06e1b1843b3b.
  * [ 98d75d5] Update SpaceMouse binaries (#294)
The file was modifiedModelicaServices trunk.patch
The file was modifiedrepos.json
The file was modifiedComplex trunk.patch
The file was modifiedMakefile.libs
The file was modifiedModelicaTest trunk.patch
The file was modifiedModelica trunk.patch

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